1 TWO 10 LOANS  in Cape Town are a well established financial provider based in the  Western Cape. They specialise in Personal loans even if you are blacklisted

  1.  unexpected medical or family emergency
  2.  vehicle you’ve always wanted,
  3. dream wedding
  4. renovations
  5. unexpected funeral expenses
  6. instant cash relief
  7. we also do business loans for Companies in need of Cash Injection.

All our  loans are UNSECURED .

We at 1 TWO 10 LOANS recommend that-

  1.  when you apply with us, you don’t apply anywhere else as that lowers your scoring,

If you Under Administration or Under Debt Review, then we CAN’T help you,

HOWEVER we do help those that are blacklisted.

Tel no: 0218010980
Mobile no: 0629563140

Fax no: 0865304620