Boodle Payday Loans

Boodle is a registered credit provider that specialises in providing payday solutions. The institution p

Boodle Loans Online

Boodle Loans Online

rovides loans to individuals who are able to comfortably afford repayments.A first time client can get access of up to R2500. As soon as you’ve built yourself a profile and you have improved your trust ratings you can have access to more money. With an established reputation you can get up to R8000 in finance from Boodle.


How do I get a Boodle Loan?

  • Visit the Boodle website and use the sliders to decide how much you need
  • Register
  • Complete the paperless online application
  • Boodle will do a credit check and verify your personal details
  • You will get a decision instantly
  • Upon approval, the funds are transferred into your bank account within 10 minutes

    Where can I apply for Boodle Loans?

Simply visit to apply.

Once your loan is approved you can use it for meeting your financial obligations. You can use it to pay for tertiary education costs, medical bills or even for unforeseen circumstances such as a death in the family.

Why choose Boodle Loans?

Boodle is a specialist payday loans provider. This means that you are guaranteed to get loans fast and efficiently. Loans are also easily accessible, saving you time and money. You don’t have to leave the comfort of your home or office to get a loan from Boodle Loans. Online applications have simplified the process. Within as little as 60 seconds you are able to access finance when you need it the most.