Rainbow Cash Loans

Rainbow Cash Loans has created a line of loan products and services that provide financial solutions that not only suit the problems of their clients but also their pockets. The loans have been created to help individuals to take care of their expected and unexpected financial commitments such as educational fees, medical bills, home renovations vehicle maintenance costs and more.

Rainbow Cash LoansThe repayment of these loans works on a one month to 12 months basis. The loans are low-interest which means that they are guaranteed to pay out quickly and conveniently.

To apply for a loan at Rainbow Cash Loans, you must have a valid South African ID as well as a valid proof of residence. Upon application, please be sure to provide your latest payslip and bank statement. The details that you provide of your bank account must be the one where your income or salary is deposited and where debit orders are enabled. The loans are subject to an affordability assessment as per the National Credit Act.